New Jake Worthington single

Sometimes all a song needs is a 4 bar 8th note build.  I dunno.  Loving the sound of this supra phonic!

Bart Crow’s “The Parade”


Okay so here’s an album that I am super proud to be a part of.  And even prouder that I got to play on this episode of the Texas Music Scene with Bart.  Just a heads up, my Paiste Masters Dark cymbals sound AWESOME and I wear a different colored scarf on every song. You’re welcome.

More drum videos!


So many singles coming out this summer!  Here’s a tune called “Blame It On The Whiskey” where I used a super top secret weird thingie on the snare.  I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond…

More Studio Fun!

What’s more fun than having to play a shuffle on a song about being drunk?  Nothing!

Cool ballad where I got to use a tiny tiny 8″ timbale snare thing.  It sounded rad.

On the road again


This year has been great so far touring all over with Aaron Watson and his great band.  Here’s a video of me and the fellas playing Summertime Girl last week in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  I love this song because it’s just rock beat #1 through almost the entire song.

Back in the studio

Here are some videos that I synced the final recorded audio with.  I love recording at Rosewood Studios!


Tv Time

I always love getting to play music with my friends, and this taping was no exception.  We did a few songs that day, but the one they chose to air was called “Dear Music” which I believe is Bart’s new single.   I got to play some fun gear that day like the Innovative Percussion “Bundlz” Bamboo sticks (pictured) and some sweet Paiste Masters Dark cymbals.  Super nerdy side note, I taped the tambourine onto the top hihat cymbal to keep it from sloshing around and to make a more controlled jingle.  Game day decision, I think it sounded great.  And as always I had a 10″ PST X Swiss splash on the snare.  Fun textures all around.